Anal beads vs butt plugs, what is better?

The growing popularity of sex toys proves that people want to reveal the pleasure comes with these toys. It is obvious that you have not tried any sex toy before. What if your partner one day asks you to enjoy anal sex and you have no idea about how does it feel? It might seem scaring, but there are toys you can use to simulate anal sex. 

These are anal beads and butt plugs, two most popular anal sex toys. Many sex toy lovers use them while alone and also when enjoying normal sex. Many individuals think both anal beads and butt plugs are the same sex toys. In reality, both are different and designed for different kind of enjoyments. If you have decided to try an anal sex toy, it can be confusing to know anal beads vs butt plugs, what is better. Continue reading and you will reveal the answer. 

Anal beads:

Anal sex might seem very threatening if you have not tried it before. Although pros tell it is more pleasurable than normal sex, many couples avoid it because they think it hurts. There is no need to fear if it is your first time. You can buy anal beads and use them to reveal how it feels when something goes into your butt. 

You can use anal beads to learn how to prepare yourself when it comes to inserting something in your butt. The size of anal beads increases as you push it further into your butt. You need to relax your sphincter while putting it in and push beads one by one into your butt to feel the new sensation. In simple words, anal beads eliminate your fear of anal sex and that’s why these are popular sex toys. 

There are three types of anal beads, which are the following:

  • Traditional beads:

These are progressive in size and very flexible. You can find this kind of anal beads linked to nylon string or silicone base. The beads size increase and that’s why you can comfortably push it into your butt and then go for bigger size beads. 

  • Stalk beads:

Unlike traditional anal beads, spheres in stalk beads are very closely connected. You can say it is built from the same material and look a bit similar to butt plugs. The size of beads increases towards the base ring and it decreases towards the edge side. 

  • Vibrating beads:

Vibrating sex toys are very popular nowadays. The users love to feel the sensation comes with these toys. Just like normal progressive beads, vibrating anal beads are progressive. These beads vibrate when you turn it on and offer exceptional pleasure during the act. This type of anal beads is simply exceptional because most of the users experience double release after using them. Therefore, you would like to use this toy if you have tried normal anal beads before. 

Butt plugs:

Butt plugs are simply great when you are preparing to have anal sex and want to relax your anus before enjoying it. This sex toy works really great when it comes to stretching the anus and priming it for anal sex. The purpose of butt plugs is very different than anal beads. You can put the butt plug in your anus while enjoying normal intercourse. It will feel like your partner is filling both of your holes during the intercourse. 

Butt plugs are also divided into three categories. Traditional butt plugs come with a flanged base. These sex toys are built from rubber, metal, and silicone. You can choose one depending on your interest. The tip size will be smaller and it will get wider towards the base. The second most popular kind of butt plug is a decorative plug. These butt plugs come with decorative touch and look very stylish, though the purpose is still the same. 

If you are a beginner and willing to try butt plug first, you can buy the trainer kit. It is designed for beginners willing to experience the sensation of anal sex. You can try different size butt plugs in order to know how far you can go when trying anal sex. You can slowly advance towards larger size butt plugs and then enjoy anal sex simulation when alone. 

Final thoughts:

Both butt plugs and anal beads are great sex toys for anal sex simulation. However, anal beads are perfect for the beginners willing to relieve the fear of inserting an object in their butt. If you have tried anal sex before and feel comfortable while enjoying it, you can choose butt plugs. Butt plugs can also be used during normal intercourse to feel the sensation of both anal and normal sex. So, in simple words, anal beads are perfect for the beginners and anal butts are perfect for the experienced users. You can get both to enjoy anal sex in different ways.